Please read everything below before submitting your inquiry, thank you!


As of 9/20/2021 I will be accepting tattoo inquiries for my waitlist only. I'll be responding to waitlisted emails in the order they were received come the end of December, and will be booking for January and February of 2022.


Available wanna-do designs and ongoing projects are prioritized. 

***If you're unfamiliar with my style of work please take a look at my tattoo portfolio before emailing a request. My style has bold lines and lots of color! I do not tattoo in any other style but my own, so please keep that in mind when emailing your inquiry.***


I'm currently focusing on medium to large scale color projects that are nature in theme. I will not be taking on any black and grey projects at this time, and prefer to keep my work to imagery only, no lettering.

For all tattoo requests please copy and paste the questions below with their respective answers in an email to

 If you would like to purchase any prints, stickers, or original art please follow this "Link" to my Etsy shop.

Full Name:

Preferred Name:

Email Address:



Vaccinated (yes or no):

Budget (if any):

Exact Placement (please include right, left, inner, outer, side, back, etc.):

Approximate Size (length and width in inches):

Is this a coverup (yes or no):

If yes, please include a clear level photo of the tattoo that needs to be covered and it's width and length in inches:

Describe your tattoo idea:

Please include at least 3 visual references you'd like me to use as inspiration for your design:

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