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Where are you located?


 Tattooed Heart Studios

 7410 Coca Cola Drive
Hanover, MD 21076

How do I book an appointment with you?

1. Keep an eye out on my socials for when my books open! I book out three months at a time with limited spaces for custom projects. These are not first come, first serve, but will be chosen based on what I'm most excited to take on. I'll have those ideas listed on my contact page, as well as ideas that I am not likely to book.
2. Once my books are open go to my contact page and follow the instructions on how to submit an inquiry. 

3. When submitting your idea please be sure to answer all the questions that are listed on the contact page.

4. Once submitted sit back and relax! I'll email you back in 1-2 weeks to either accept or decline your request. If accepted I'll ask any other questions I may have regarding your idea and give you a quote. If everything sounds good I'll send over a link to book your appointment and put down a deposit. 
5. Get excited, you're booked for your next tattoo! Yay!

How much do you charge?

 My half day rate (2-3 hours) is a set $600

 My full day rate (4-6 hours) is a set $1200

Which one you'll be quoted is determined by your tattoo idea, it's complexity, size and placement.

Do you take deposits?

 Yes! Half days require a $100 deposit and full days require a $200 deposit. These deposits are non-transferable and non-refundable, and can be only be paid with card via a booking link I'll send you. 

Do you do coverups or tattoo over scars?

 I don't always accept cover up requests but if I do it will depend on the following questions and more; What size is your existing tattoo? How dark is it? Are you willing to give me artistic freedom to cover it? Feel free to shoot me a coverup inquiry when my books are open, and we can talk!


 When it comes to tattooing over scars I am happy to do so, as long as your scar is fully healed. Depending on the type of scar it is they can take anywhere from 1-2 years to heal entirely.  

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